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The Do's and Don'ts of Leather Leggings

Capsule Wardrobe Outfit

Leather Leggings

Ever since that Friend's episode with Ross and the Leather Pants we've all been a little scared of wearing leather below the waist. But done right, leather leggings can be a great staple in your wardrobe for when you need a chic, dressy-casual look.

Step 1: Wear dressier shoes such as flats, booties, or heels

Step 2: Go with a top that has some length to cover your bum and such. Stick to simple colors like grey, white, pale pink, chambray, or black.

Step 3: Accessorize your look with a sophisticated bag

This is a great date night outfit!

* DON'T *

wear a leather jacket too... unless you're a biker chick

wear a crop top or a form fitting top with them... unless you're Pretty Woman

wear them to work... unless you work at a bar

wear leather pants in colors other than black... unless you are Aerosmith

With that said... any outfit can look amazing when worn with CONFIDENCE! 

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